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    I began my studies of EMDR in 1992, and found it to be one of the most effective treatment modalities for the wide variety of ways in which people continue to ‘live out’ experiences they have had in their past that no longer serve their well being.  So often, we continue to repeat behavioral, emotional, and thinking patterns learned so long ago, and find it difficult to change and create new ways of being that are more alive, more fluid, and more suited to present circumstances.  EMDR is a therapeutic approach that combines several well-established healing methods including body awareness, imaginal exposure, emotional self-regulation, mindfulness tools, the restructuring of belief systems, and a unique form of hemispheric stimulation into a therapeutic process that can meet the specific needs of each person.  The strength of the EMDR therapeutic process lies in its ability to assist the person in ‘completing’ unfinished business from the past, and create a life in which living in the present is more possible and pleasurable. 

    I am a certified EMDR therapist, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and an instructor for EMDRIA approved specialty workshops.




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EMDR and Somatic Disorders


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