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          Environmental Balancing

In the same way in which restoring balance to the body is a healing experience, restoring balance to environments is equally important.  We are, as human beings, ‘open energy systems’ and we are constantly and deeply affected by the quality of the environments in which we live and work.  Just as a toxic environment can create imbalance in us, a balanced environment can restore us to a balanced state.  The field of BioGeometry, developed by the Egyptian architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim, is an environmental science utilizing subtle energy patterns to restore balance in all environments.  The energetic patterns established by BioGeometrical work can improve the effectiveness of the immune system; create a relaxation response; support vitality and healing; alter the effects of electromagnetism on the body; correct the detrimental impact of Geopathic Stress; and bring a home, office, or landscape into a more vital, enlivened, Centered state. 

    I and my wife are two (out of 3) North American instructors in this field and welcome your interest in this fascinating form of energy healing.    

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