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        Michael J. Maley, Ph.D.

                               Licensed Psychologist

    Over the course of my 36 years as a psychotherapist I have explored many ways to help people change, reduce their suffering, and live more productive, healthful lives.  The disciplines I have studied and practiced include Bioenergetic Analysis, Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, QiGong), EMDR, Energy Psychology, Mindfulness, and BioGeometry.  All of these fields of study are forms of healing and reflect similar principles—that transformational change occurs when there is a connection made between the traumatic unchanging patterns from the past and a life giving energy that lives in present time and contains qualities like mindfulness, acceptance, compassion, vitality, and balance.  This resource can come from within or begin with a connection to a positive source outside of ourselves.  This model of healing applies to not only individual emotional disturbances, but to physical illnesses, thought patterns, and environments.

As a therapist, I work with adults experiencing traumas of all kinds; mood disorders like anxiety, depression, shame, stress, and grief; addictive patterns; difficult life transitions; relationship struggles; and the experience of moving into a more spiritually based life.  My primary modalities of therapy are a blend of somatic work, mindfulness, EMDR, and energy based interventions.  I believe that the most important agent of change is the client’s own internal wisdom and awareness, and I attempt to help people find that Center in themselves.


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