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        Psychospiritual Development

    I have had the privilege of working with a spiritual teacher for 27 years and have learned a great deal about how difficult it is to change established patterns and ways of being, how important it is to try, and how joyful it is to experience more consciousness as the years go by.  Psychospiritual development is, at its heart, the claiming of more of the self—not only on the physical level, but across the emotional landscape; in the ways in which we think about and articulate what is changing in ourselves; how we connect to others; and how we relate to the infinite and mysterious universe that surrounds us.   As mindfulness work teaches us, going inside and connecting outside are not so different. 


Living in the Question:  An Exploration of Formlessness, Change, & Healing by Michael Maley, Ph.D.


The Book of the Eights:  Energetic Patterns in Self-Realization by Donna Taylor, Michael Maley, & Michael Smith.


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