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          Somatic Psychotherapy

Although I believe that we are far more than just a physical body, I do pursue the principle that deepening the experience of our physical self strengthens the personal identity, increases our vitality, opens the landscape of our feelings and connection to the world, opens the heart, and makes the connection to everything around us more vibrant.  In short, our connection to our body provides the foundation for any further emotional, mental, or spiritual development we might seek.  Deepening our connection to our body can facilitate any other healing modality we practice; help change our distressing emotional states into a more peaceful way of being; bring us into present time; help us find the wisdom that resides in our hearts; and teach us how to connect to ourselves and others. 

I was a student of Alexander Lowen, and a therapist and trainer for the Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis for 30 years.  Somatic work is a powerful change agent and the basis of many useful and effective tools for dealing with emotional issues. 


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